Virtual Challenge eSports

O protagonista é VC


General Rules

During 2019, the challenging format will be changed, rather than championships containing races on a weekly basis, it will be a race series of monthly events, between 2019 February and November. An active account on is the only requirement, then choose your preferred event and jump into the track!

License restrictions

B4.0 License or Higher

Rules respecting

In order for a good championship, a good rules knowledge is essential. Knowing and respecting the simulator rules is the duty of all drivers, as well as the specific rules for this championship. Below you can find the rules in general lines.

Any item in this regulation may be adjusted, the information will be shared to all drivers during the Event Briefing session or sent by e-mail.


The qualify session will last 5 minutes with 2 valid laps.


The “Nascar iRacing Class A Series” cars with open setup, will be used. Track with dynamic weather and start race time as the same as the real race. The race duration will follow 100% as  the real races. The schedule is available here

Starts and restarts will always be rolling, in double lines, with active Freepass (Lucky Dog)

Servers will be set to 17x as incidents limit.

Points(only for Pilot of the year contest)

At the end of every race, the race positions considered will be those available from session  “results”. The point system will be as follows:









Drivers disqualified from the moderators or from the simulator itself (17x) will not have zero points considered for that event.


There will be real-time penalties only for those incidents that clearly disrespects the following rules.

Drive Through penalty (EOL in YF): Used for cars with connection problems (blinking or with low quality) and jumpstart (restart before green flag)

30s Stop and Go penalty: After 2 DT Penalties
Cars receiving the second Stop and Go penalty, will be disqualified from the race.

Race disqualification: Word offenses (game chat, social media or race broadcast) and unsportsmanlike behavior (payback, stop the car at racing track). 17x. Disqualified drivers will not be eligible to money prizes.

Post Race Analysis

Drivers who feel prejudiced in any race event should send a protest form using the following link:

Moderation analysis will be done within 48 hours and e-mailed to the drivers involved

Post-race penalties will incur 1 lap down count to the final result of the driver guilty in an accident and DQ in clear cases of disqualification mentioned above. The prizes will be adjusted according to the new result.


The event will be live broadcasted on Racing 4Fun TV YouTube channel –

Race Prizes

Race prizes will be sent within 5 business days after the winning provide the required information to receive the payment, to the e-mail: For international transfers (Paypal), a corresponding operation tax will be discounted.